The Weekly Roundup

Well-prepared learner drivers who pass their driving test first time will be eligible for a refund of part of the cost, under new government proposals. The plan is intended to raise the low first-time pass rate, which stands at just 21%.

Also this week, Campaigners have said that Police are conning motorists over speed awareness courses by failing to make clear how drivers could inadvertently leave themselves uninsured by taking part. Insurers have admitted they treat speed awareness courses the same as penalty points and it is now feared that failing to declare taking part in course could invalidate your policy.

The Guardian: First time driving test passes to be given cash refunds

BBC: UK car production fell 0.7% in October

Brake: Brake warns of gridlock Britain

Matters of Testing: Stretched tyres – an MOT failure?

Telegraph: Speed awareness courses could 'invalidate insurance'

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