Making the Most of Workshop Space


I was recently invited to contribute content for an article appearing in Blackball Media Ltd's 'Workshop' magazine (, about setting up a workshop with efficiency in mind.  I was pleased to be involved with this worthwhile feature as it addresses an important issue for modern vehicle repair workshops and it is something that we help people with almost daily.

One of the topics I covered was the increasing trend for modern workshops to have Automated Test Lanes (ATL) and advanced wheel alignment systems.  Both dictate a certain amount of space is required in a lift bay and also make significant demands of the type of lift that can be installed as far as dimensions and technical set-up are concerned.  In the past it was impossible to get one lift to cover both requirements and when planning a workshop layout our clients invariably state that they require an MOT and an alignment bay, however for a while now we have been able to deal with these in one bay.  This is because we are a distributor of the Rotary range of 4 post lifts and in that range are combined ATL and wheel alignment lifts.  A phenomenal lift in this range is the SM65-60N-MOT/AK which is a perfect all-rounder.  It has a whopping 6.5 tonne lifting capacity and 6 metre length platforms but also has recessed radius plates and can have wheel play detectors (shaker plates) fitted for the MOT/ATL side of things and includes as standard rear slip plates for the wheel alignment system.  This lift enables class IV and VII vehicles to be tested, a wide range of vehicles to be presented for precision wheel alignment checks, and general servicing of small cars and larger vehicles.

More information about the SM65-60N-MOT/AK can be found here

Ian Gott

Managing Director


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