Do You Have Adequate Control of Your Oil Stock Levels?

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We all know how important it is in business to have firm control of stock and how ineffective control can lead to loss of profits.  However many garages underestimate the importance of having effective control of their oil.

If you feel you may not have adequate control of your oil stock levels we would like to introduce you to our OriLink system.  OriLink is a PC based electronic fluid dispensing solution for the modern workshop.  Our system allows you to gain complete control and traceability of all your fluid stock and all dispenses.  The OriLink system can be interfaced with most dealer management and stock management control systems to maximise profitability and ensures that all oil used is charged or accounted for.

The Facts:

  • A full 2700 litre tank can represent a retail value of £40K+
  • Most workshops have an oil shrinkage problem to a varying degree, typically around 10%.
  • With average usage of around 1000litres/month a workshop’s oil loss can represent an annual revenue loss of £18K+ per grade of oil.

A Simple Solution:

Install "OriLink" oil monitoring, take back control of your oil dispensing, and see increased revenue after a short payback period.

As a leading supplier of garage workshop and fleet maintenance equipment we may be able to offer you a free survey of your oil handling and dispensing systems (depending on your location) and provide a no obligation quotation for a new Orilink system if we think you could benefit from it.*

If you are interested, please either call us on 01670 516816 or email

*We have recently quoted somebody for a new system and they have immediately replied that they know they are currently losing half that cost in lost oil so can see that investing in the Orilink system will pay for itself in a very short time and will soon start generating extra profits.