Are Your Rollers Reaching the End of the Road?

If your MOT brake rollers are reaching the end of their useful life and are letting you down then we can help.  We specialise in installing new MOT test lanes and helping people upgrade their existing bays.

These days it is getting increasingly difficult to locate spare parts for older brake testers and although we pride ourselves on being able to keep our customers' machines running as long as possible, sometimes it gets to the point where the sensible thing to do is to replace the machine.

We have recently completed an installation for a new customer who is absolutely delighted with the outcome.  His old brake tester was proving particularly troublesome and to have spent any more money on trying to repair it would have been a waste so he asked us to price for a new model.  After shopping around and considering a few proposals he chose to place his order with us and by working closely with him we agreed an install date that suited his timetable and had the new brake tester fitted in with minimum downtime.  This of course is extremely important for a busy MOT testing business.

When considering replacing a brake tester roller bed what can often put people off is the thought that there may be civil works to do.  This has the problem of increased cost, the detrimental effect of dust being created, and extended downtime while concrete is allowed to 'go off'.  Wherever possible we try to find solutions that do not require civil works, or at least keep it to the very minimum.  On this occasion we were able to match a suitable roller bed with one of our bespoke installation frames to provide a very quick, neat installation with no requirement for civil works.

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The equipment supplied was from the Technique range of quality MOT test equipment and on this occasion our client went for the analogue style of display as he wanted to keep to a similar style that he had before.  Now though, he will benefit from a high quality reliable system that will last him for years to come.

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We are also able to install our computerised brake testers with either conventional MOT test modes or full ATL test programs into older brake tester recesses so there are many options available to you should you decide that it is time for an upgrade.

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