There has been some great news announced that will provide a positive start to 2018 for the automotive trade.

Last week (on 18th January 2018) the government announced that the first MOT test for cars and motorcycles will remain at 3 years to protect road safety.

A post on the website states:

"Ministers put road safety first as they today (18 January 2018) decided to maintain the period before a car’s first MOT test at 3 years.

The move comes after a Department for Transport consultation last year to consider changing the wait before the first test to 4 years.

Most of those responding to the consultation were against the proposals on safety grounds, arguing that the savings to motorists were outweighed by the risk to road users and the test often highlights upcoming issues affecting the vehicle. A public survey for DfT by Populus also showed fewer than half of people were in favour of the change."

MOT, wheel check, turning plate

We are very pleased with this announcement, and particularly the fact that the general public appear to have recognised the potential risks associated with such a change had it gone ahead.  We knew where the trade stood on  this debate as we carried out a survey of our customers last year and the results of this were published in our blog Change MOT Test Frequency?  We Don't Think So which was published on 18th February 2017.  This information clearly showed the potential danger of leaving vehicles to be driven for an additional year before having its first MOT test.  As well as ensuring road safety levels can be maintained, last week's decision means that MOT testing centres, many of them small businesses, no longer have the uncertainty of wondering whether their income will be drastically reduced and the worry of whether they have to consider losing staff or facing closure.


To read the rest of last week's publication on the GOV.UK website click this link