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The DVSA has issued Special Notice 06-18 which deals with the concern that some diesel smoke meters are not going to be able to be updated or replaced by 20 May 2018.  That date is the deadline that had been set for MOT Authorised Examiners (AE)s to ensure their diesel smoke meters can comply with the EU roadworthiness directive which introduces new emission limits for diesel vehicles at MOT inspections.  This has meant upgrading the software on diesel smoke meters or replacing it with a new meter.

The DVSA had stated this is a mandatory upgrade, and all vehicle testing stations must do this. It will not be acceptable for garages to not make this upgrade, but it has recently become apparent that manufacturers of smoke meters and their testing software are showing signs of  struggling to meet the demand to have all machines compliant  by the deadline date.

In the Special Notice the DVSA has stated it is aware of 2 issues that garages are finding, which are:

  • The availability of upgrades following order, by 20th May
  • Not receiving new smoke meters following order, by 20th May

To solve these problems, a workaround has been approved which is allowable until 30 September 2018. However, the DVSA insist this workaround is only permissible where an upgrade or new meter have been ordered.  This means that it is not an extension to the deadline as some people may think.  The DVSA make it very clear that all AEs must have either an upgrade or replacement machine on order with a supplier before 20th May 2018 and they may be required to provide evidence of this.

During that period you may be asked to provide evidence that an upgrade or new equipment has been ordered.

At Gott Technical Services we have experienced the frustration of delivering this essential service to our clients when our suppliers have only recently provided the update software and manufacturers have had long lead times on deliveries of new equipment so we welcome the flexibility the DVSA have shown.  However, we are still working furiously to complete these

services for our customers as soon as possible.

Please follow this link to read Special Notice 06-18 in full