It's that time of year when the British summer brings with it a mix of 'sunshine and showers', as the weather presenters like to call it and this means it is ideal growing conditions for grass.  This means the lawn-care equipment of golf clubs, resorts, large estates, and local authority parks departments are kept very busy so it is important this essential equipment is kept in tip-top condition.  As we sell the full range of Rotary fixed lifts we are fortunate to have in our range a 'Turf Lift'.  This is Rotary's product that is designed specifically to cater for lawn-care equipment including ride-on fairway mowers.

The Turf Lift provides a safe and efficient working environment for servicing these mowers by ensuring the cutting gear and hydraulics can be reached easily without having to lie on the floor or work in confined spaces.   Previous buyers of this lift have claimed that by using a Turf Lift they have cut their servicing times by half!

We have had great interest in this product recently and secured orders that are being installed throughout the summer.

If you would like to know more about this exceptional product please contact us on 01670 516816 or