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The recent changes to the diesel testing process in the UK MOT test has kept us very busy updating machines that were no longer compliant.  It also created a great opportunity for MOT test station owners to re-evaluate their existing equipment and consider whether now is the time that some of their older equipment should be replaced.  Here is a great example of a recent install at an independent garage.

The garage has been a long-standing customer of ours with a recurring maintenance and calibration contract covering the MOT equipment however, their emissions analyser was covered by another service provider.  As our client faced significant costs of updating their analyser with the latest, 19th Edition gas analyser database and Euro 6 compliant diesel testing software, coupled with uncertainty about the reliability of the equipment, they decided to have a look at what other options were available on the market.  So they contacted us.

We promptly visited and offered a deal to trade in the old analyser and replaced it with a new Technique T8003-20 combined gas analyser and smoke meter.  We also took our client to meet another customer that had previously bought a T8003-20 and they explained how delighted they were with it.  Our client commented how he was immediately struck by the clarity of the screen on the machine, coupled with it's modern, sleek looks.  They decided that it was the ideal machine to modernise their test bay.  The T8003-20 was supplied Euro 6 compliant and with the 19th Edition database at no extra cost and is now installed and producing reliable tests for our client.

The deadline for complying with the latest testing requirements has passed but if you are regretting your decision to not replace your emissions analyser then please get in contact with us.

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