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Today we are going to focus on what makes the worktops in our DEA fitted workshop furniture packages so special.  More and more people are realising the benefit of having fitted cabinets in their workshops and usually an essential part of the requirement is to have a workbench incorporated as well.  As our fitted furniture can be bespoked to suit individual needs we can fit the DEA worktop over drawer units, cupboards, waste recepticals, or even just an open cavity to provide a traditional workbench.

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The worktop is made of 2 mm thick sheet metal folded four times, is welded in the corners for additional reinforcement, and has 2 omega bars along the entire length of the module.  The bars can also be used to pass piping and power cables through when fluid and energy modules are incorporated into a workstation.  All of this makes the DEA worktop one of the most solid, robust work-surfaces around and it is possible to install a vice by bolting it directly to the work surface at any point.  Because power cables and pipework can be hidden in the channels beneath the worktop this means there is a clean and clear work surface to work on.  Electrical and data points can be fitted neatly into the quadrant upstand at the back to provide power and internet connectivity exactly where you need it and without trailing cables.

The worktop is covered in scratch-proof DTC to make it resistant to scratches, mineral oils, fuels, acids, etc.

All of the steel components are epoxy powder coated for a tough finish.

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