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Our MOT lifts of choice come from the impressive Rotary Lift range and there are none better than the Class VII range.  As we say, they are in a class of their own, because they exceed the DVSA's minimum requirements - dimensionally and with lifting capacity -  for Class VII testing, yet will only cost you what you would expect to pay for a standard Class VII lift.  This means that when you invest in a Rotary Class VII lift from Gott Technical Services, you are getting much more for your money, and a lift that is not going to be overworked.

The lifts are built to a high standard, as their 3 year parts and labour warranty attests.  They are known for their reliability and long life-span but it is their physical presence which really sets them apart from much of their competition.  They are available in a range of platform lengths up to 6 metres and also boast a whopping 6.5 tonne lifting capacity!

[caption id="attachment_2145" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Class VII, MOT testing, ATL lift, test bay Rotary SM65-60N-MOT lift installed in a Technique Class VII ATL bay.[/caption]

There is the option to purchase the MOT65-60N model which has radius plates and wheel play detectors recessed into the platforms for MOT and ATL testing or the SM65 range which has the option of adding rear slip plates for combined MOT, ATL, and wheel alignment work. A true dual revenue lift!

The radius plates are heavy duty and the play detectors are hydraulically operated for optimal efficiency and durability.

[caption id="attachment_2146" align="alignleft" width="390"]radius plate, turning plate, MOT lift Radius plate on a Rotary MOT lift.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2147" align="alignright" width="390"]hydraulic play detector, ATL lift, ATL ramp, vehicle testing Hydraulic play detector on a Rotary ATL lift.[/caption]








We know how important an MOT lift is in a test bay so that is why we recommend Rotary 4 post lifts.  As we supply, install and maintain these lifts ourselves we know first-hand how reliable they are.  When teamed up with a Technique jacking beam, headlamp tester, brake tester and emissions tester, these lifts are at the heart of an exceptional test lane package.

For further details of the Rotary MOT and ATL lift range please call us on 01670 516816 or email

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