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This week's product is particularly useful for today's modern workshops as it provides an essential solution to the problems of carrying out DPF regeneration on vehicles.

The Facts:

Most diesel vehicles are equipped with diesel particulate filters (DPF).

The filter stops PM10 particulate matter with a filtering system which, over time and distance traveled, becomes filled with particulate matter and must therefore be cleaned.  This cleaning process is called regeneration.  If the vehicle is used mainly for short urban runs, the vehicle's automatic regeneration process cannot be completed, and it is therefore necessary to contact a service center, where regeneration is carried out by bringing the engine temperature to a very high level, thus producing the combustion of PM10 particles.

The Problems:

It is essential that this process is carried out using adequate equipment, to prevent concentrated noxious fumes being breathed in by the technician and to prevent the car from being damaged as the gases at extreme temperatures generated by the combustion, if not properly extracted, escape from the muffler and can melt the bumper.

The first solution usually thought of is to connect the garage's standard exhaust exhaust extraction system nozzle to the exhaust however this will simply result in the nozzle and hose being melted as they are not designed to cope with such high temperatures.

Knowing of this issue, or if the garage does not have an extraction system, the technician will often attempt to carry out the regeneration outside the premises however this may not be practical due to the noise and fume pollution that is generated.  Also it may not be possible to connect to the network required to run the diagnostics system as part of the process when the vehicle is positioned outside.

The Solution:

Our simple and effective solution to this is to provide our Worky WOR-DPF stand-alone DPF regeneration exhaust extraction system which is fitted with 5 meters of high temperature extraction hose which can deal with temperatures of up to 500 degrees C.  It is also complete with a nozzle mounted on a stand which is positioned close to the exhaust rather than clamped on to it.  Fitted with the included extraction fan, the hose is capable of extracting fumes at a rate of 1200 cubic metres per hour which is three times the capacity of standard extraction hose.  The fan is installed at high level and ducted out of the building.

Should vehicles with twin exhausts need to be tested then we can provide a twin hose system on the stand.

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