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Today's featured product is the TLO7 'Turf Lift' from Rotary lifts.  We have been selling this fantastic product for many years now and it is always very well received by our clients.  In fact one customer said:

"Servicing and adjusting of fairway mowers and triple mowers has been halved!  I wish I had more space to fit in another lift as the technicians fight over it."

Rotary turf lift, mower repair, garage equipment

The Turf Lift is specially designed to cater for the lifting of large lawn-care equipment including driven fairway mowers, and also small utility vehicles such as golf and resort buggies.

Mowing equipment needs regular maintenance including servicing of the hydraulic systems but it is notoriously difficult to gain access to the necessary components due to the obstructive nature of the cutting gear.  Many mechanics and technicians have to lie on the floor and try to reach the serviceable parts in a way that is not conducive to a safe and healthy environment.  Previously it had been thought that it was not easy to lift these types of vehicle due to their short track length and axle width and people have either attempted to raise them on an unsuitable lift, or used a combination of jacks and blocks which is not particularly safe.

The Turf Lift takes all of those problems away by providing a safe and efficient way of lifting, with various size vehicles being catered for with an adjustable fork and lifting plate system fitted to the lift.

garage equipment, agricultural equipment repair, parks department

It has a lifting capacity of 2.3 tonnes, has energy-efficient electro-hydraulic operation, and can lift 3 and 4 wheel turf equipment.  This lift is ideal for golf clubs, leisure resorts, and local authority parks department repair shops.

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