An important EU safety notice has been issued regarding the measures taken by Sweden to prohibit the placing on the market of a scissor lift manufactured by TWA Equipment S.r.l., Via Inn s.n.c. 65015, Montesilvano (PE) of Italy.

The EU has endorsed this decision and addressed it to all member states and the information has been shared with us via our trade association, the Garage Equipment Association (GEA) at the request of the UK HSE.

The notice explains that the measure taken by Sweden is necessary to ensure that the scissor lift for vehicles model TL530LF does not pose potentially serious safety hazards due to the malfunctioning of the pipe rupture valve or the disabling of certain safety features.  Only a prohibition will ensure that the product is not placed on the market until the relevant essential health and safety requirement has been satisfied.

You can view the original notice by clicking here.