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Today's featured product is the Altus/Technique commercial vehicle brake tester.  We have a range of truck and bus brake testers available from different manufactures, with many fully approved for ATF lanes, however the Technique RT9241 is a reasonably priced machine designed to enable operators to test their own fleet.

When considering commercial vehicle safety inspections, the DVSA's Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness makes clear that every inspection must include a metered assessment of the braking performance of vehicles and trailers.

This means vehicle brake testing should be carried out as part of the regular servicing routine, rather than once a year and for companies that outsource their brake testing, this means a significant increase in costs and lot revenue.

brake testing commercial vehicles

The RT9241 could be the solution to that with its competitive pricing but excellent build quality and easy to use software.  As we are able to install and calibrate this machine ourselves we are also able to provide competitive after-sales support.

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If you would like to discuss the price of the RT9241 with us, or request a visit from us to check how we could get you started with in-house brake testing facilities, please call us on 01670 516816 or email