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For years we have been asked for a solution to the health and safety risks posed by open vehicle inspection pits, but it has proved difficult to provide a satisfactory solution.  The problem is there is a need to cover pits when not in use, to stop people falling into them, but to also be able to quickly open the pit up again when a vehicle inspection needs to be carried out.  In the past, finding a solution that is sturdy enough to take a person's weight has often meant that the covers are too heavy to lift off.  Now, however, we have an innovative solution.

CAVE safety covers for inspection pits are light-weight and easy and quick to use to protect open vehicle pits.  They prevent anyone from falling into the vehicle inspection pit in a transport workshop, whilst allowing full access to the vehicle underside.  Personnel can safely walk on the covers.

vehicle pit, safety cover, automotive, engineering

The covers are a metal concertina construction which can be pulled out to the desired length and retracted to gain access.  Multiple sections can be used to cover the full length of a pit but to also give easy access to various sections whilst working under a vehicle.

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