Whenever I am asked what I do for a living and I explain that we supply and maintain garage equipment, people rarely understand what that means.  When I explain, to some people it sounds boring, but to me it is a fascinating industry, and one that is essential to everybody's lives.  This point has really been driven home by the current, developing situation with the Covid-19 virus.

garage equipment engineer, maintenance, repair, calibration

For those that don't know what we do, we supply, install, maintain, and repair the equipment that garages use in their workshops to repair, maintain and MOT test vehicles.  This may include the car that you drive, but it also includes ambulances, fire and rescue vehicles, police cars and helicopters, local authority refuse vehicles and housing maintenance vehicles, port authority vehicles, MOD vehicles and plant, delivery vehicles, buses, and trains.

There is, quite rightly, a push for people to stay at home if they are able, and for employers to encourage remote working where possible but we have so far not been able to implement any such practices.  As we are contracted to ambulance services, fire and rescue services, police authorities, local authorities, ports, the MOD, delivery companies, and bus and rail maintenance companies, we are relied upon to deliver a service to these essential organisations that must keep running during these difficult times.  Just last week our engineers were maintaining equipment and attending emergency breakdowns in workshops that were run by the majority of organisations listed above.

My team will continue to do this as long as these organisations that deliver key services to the public need us, the Government deem it acceptable, and we can be sure we can provide these services safely.  We have put controls in place to ensure the safety of our team and avoid risk to our customers, and we will keep checking on advice from the Government, NHS and Public Health England and adjust our position as necessary.

My team may not be on the Government's list of Key Workers but they are an essential part of the supply chain that enables Key Workers to deliver services to the British public.  Now more than ever, it is important to recognise the importance of the many trades and small businesses that often go overlooked but are playing an important part in the fight against the effects of this virus.

Ian Gott

Managing Director