The Garage Equipment Association (GEA) has issued a plea to all of its members to advise what their status is during the current COVID-19 pandemic crisis.  Garages that are remaining open to service key workers' vehicles and keep grocery delivery vehicles on the road are wanting to know who they can turn to for essential maintenance and repair of their garage workshop equipment.  Anybody that has ventured out to their local supermarket recently to buy essential provisions will have noticed that the once-empty shelves are generally pretty well stocked and this is due to the network of businesses involved in the supply chain that are working tirelessly to ensure everybody can get hold of food and hygiene products.

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One of the many factors in the success of this process is the fact that garages, which are an exception to the Government's list of mandatory closures during 'lock-down', are able to stay open to keep delivery vehicles maintained and on the road.  These garages are also helping to keep Police, Ambulance and Fire services operational.  These often over-looked businesses, just recognised as the place you go to to get your new car, or have your MOT carried out, have been providing services to essential organisations for as long as they have been in existence and we have been playing our part in keeping them going for the past 40 years.

The Garage Equipment Association, now in its 75th year, is the trade association for garage equipment supply and service professionals and is the founder and upholder of industry standards, and also administrator of the UK MOT equipment approval process.  As members of the association we work to a strict code code of practice and take pride in providing garages with services of a high standard.  Garage owners and operators have now turned to the GEA to ask who is available to repair their workshop equipment and the GEA has responded by asking its members to declare their current status.  We have provided details of our status which is that we are available to provide support to key businesses,and you can view full details here:


To view the full list of GEA member responses go to