As businesses around the world attempt to ease themselves out of COVID-19 related lock-down and help to re-build the economy, this is still an uncertain time and it is important that people feel they can go about their business safely.  To help with this we have put a lot of effort into ensuring our working practices are as safe as possible in relation to COVID-19, for our employees and customers.

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Before allowing employees back to work at our office we carried out a COVID-19 related risk assessment and addressed the issues that were identified.  Before anybody returned, the office was thoroughly cleaned and reorganised so that increased levels of social distancing can be achieved.  At the time of writing the UK Government has stated that social distancing can be reduced to 1 metre plus but we are still sticking with at least the 2 metre rule wherever possible.  At our offices we have achieved way more than this by rearranging the layout and repositioning workstations.  Restrictions have been put on entrances and exits with employees and visitors using different areas.  Controls have been put in place to ensure that all employees thoroughly wash their hands with hot soapy water as soon as they enter the building, and hand sanitising gel and wipes are located around the building with routines in place to regularly clean hands and work-surfaces.

Before employees are allowed to return to their workstation for the first time after a period of lock-down or remote working they must complete a health assessment questionnaire.

So how does this help you?

Well, it means you can be sure that any of our employees that visit you have not been exposed to health risks when they are at our office and are at a reduced risk of coming into contact with the virus.

A risk assessment and method statement have been drawn up to deal with the issue of our employees visiting customers' premises.  The method statement describes the need for our employee to observe and follow your rules from the moment they drive onto your site.  They are instructed to pay particular attention to any COVID-19 related signs, one-way systems, and stewards that may be present and giving directions.  They will always obey social distancing rules, will wear protective gloves and also wear face-masks as necessary.  Upon arrival at your premises they will expect to have access to hand-washing facilities but they also carry hand-sanitising gel on their vehicle.

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Our method statement includes instructions to our employees on how to act if they start to experience symptoms of COVID-19 whilst on your premises and includes the need for them to immediately retire to their vehicle without making contact with any of your employees, and then remotely contacting a responsible person to make them aware.

If you would like any additional information about the steps we are taking to ensure we can continue to provide our services to you safely, would like to view our risk assessments and method statements, or have any special requests when we visit you then you can make us aware of this by calling 01670 516816 or emailing

Let's hope that terms such as 'COVID-19', 'Lock-Down', and 'Social Distancing' soon become a thing of the past as we recover and grow out of this terrible pandemic.  But until then let's 'Be Alert' and 'Stay Safe'.