One of the many services we offer is the design, supply and installation of workshop fume extraction systems including Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems.  Last week we completed an installation that helped our client overcome the problem of exhaust fumes from large military vehicles.  Normally, running one vehicle inside the workshop would fill it with fumes and smoke within minutes, so in order to carry out essential performance tests the vehicles could only be run outside, which is often not ideal due to weather conditions.  To find a solution, we were given the brief of providing a system that would enable two of these vehicles to be run in their service bays, in the workshop.  From the outset we knew this was going to need some big and beefy equipment.

Large centrifugal extraction fans were used with a performance rating of 5400m3/hr at 1100PA pressure.  As usual, we selected fans from the Worky range, our supplier of choice for our LEV installations.

LEV boom arm

As an overhead crane system runs the full length of the workshop, it was not possible to have extraction hoses dropping from the roof so we installed 4.2 metre long pivoting boom arms that were fixed to the side wall.  These supported a run of high temperature hose and duct which had special clamping nozzles fitted to the end.

LEV boom arm installation

With the extraction systems clamped onto the vehicles' exhausts all fumes were safely extracted at source and vented out of the building thus creating a safe working environment.

[caption id="attachment_2368" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]LEV nozzle Special clamping nozzles fit the large exhaust ports perfectly.[/caption]

In another part of the site slightly smaller vehicles needed to be catered for and here drops from the roof could be used.  As this area is used for parking vehicles great flexibility is needed to ensure exhaust fume can be captured at various parts of the building.  Because of this we supplied additional extension hoses and quick-release couplers to allow extraction hose lengths to be quickly lengthened or shortened as needed.  To help keep the workshop tidy and avoid trip hazards we also supplied large baskets to stow the extension hoses when not in use.

basket, hose storage, LEV

It was a great job to work on and just one of the many varied projects that we get involved with when helping to solve our customers' health and safety related problems.  If you would like to know more about our fume and dust extraction solutions please call us on 01670 516816 or email