Made a great saving on your tyre equipment purchase but finding the equipment's not up to the job?  Maybe it's time to invest in something more reliable.

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We have now added the new range of Technique tyre changers, wheel balancers, wheel aligners and tyre tead readers to our range of wheel and tyre servicing equipment.  All of the products are manufactured in Italy to a high standard and are backed up with guaranteed parts availability.  There has been a trend with tyre equipment in recent years to buy cheap but we are finding a lot of people are regretting that decision due to equipment failing prematurely and spare parts not being available.  The Technique range bucks this trend by putting quality back into the market.

Having said that, it doesn't mean the Technique products are particularly expensive.  They are exceptional value for money, with features normally only found on high end, expensive products.

We now have a full wheel diagnostic and servicing package to enable garages to maximise their earnings potential.  From a tyre tread reader that can instantly report on the condition of a customer's tyre as soon as they drive over it, and leading edge wheel alignment systems, to the most advanced wheel balancers and tyre changers.

Technique T2020-2D wheel balancer Technique T2210-PRO tyre changer









Our most popular package comprises the Technique T2020-2D wheel balancer and T221o-PRO tyre changer which both boast many high quality features, all for a value for money price.  For details of the T2020-2D click here and for the T2210-PRO click here.

If you would like any further information  about our full range please call 01670 516816 or email