We're Here For You During Lockdown 2.0

Well here we are again.  We wonder how many people thought back in March when the first lockdown was announced that we would be going through it again at the end of the year.  At that time the thought of closing your business for a couple of months was something we all struggled to come to terms with but with Government support and careful management of budgets many of us not only survived, we came back stronger and have been extremely busy since lockdown was over.  Of course this hasn't been the case for everybody and our thoughts are with those businesses and employees that have been more adversely affected by the pandemic, particularly those in retail, leisure and hospitality industries that have had to suffer enforced closures.

Whilst the first period of lockdown saw our revenues take a nose-dive we had to remain operational, albeit with a very small team, as we had many emergency services, retail logistics businesses, and the MOD that required our services as they continued to provide the nation with essential services during that period.  The very specific nature of what we do and the fact we are key to enabling these businesses to keep mobile on a daily basis meant we could not close.  However it was extremely important that our employees could work safely and not put our customers at risk during visits.  To this end we carried out necessary COVID-19 risk assessments and put safe working methods in place including the wearing of face coverings long before this became mandatory.


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Since returning from lockdown number 1 we have continued with our safe working practices, continuously re-assessed the risks and acted accordingly to ensure we can deliver our services safely.  Now that this second lockdown period has arrived but vehicle repair workshops are able to continue operating, demand is such that we need to continue working at full capacity.  For as long as these essential businesses need us we will be here, providing preventative maintenance, calibration, emergency breakdown and equipment relocation and installation services as necessary.

We will not have sales people making proactive prospecting visits but we will respond to your enquiries and attend face to face meetings at your request.  During these meetings social distancing practices will be observed.

So don't hesitate to contact us if you require these services.

Call 01670 516816 or email enquiries@gottservices.com