From 1 December 2020, DVSA reintroduced a mandatory rule around connected equipment.  Vehicle testing stations (VTS) which changed ownership were given 3 months grace to install connected equipment at their site but today, 1st March 2021 is the end of that grace period and we have been informed DVSA intend to act on it.

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Throughout 2020 the 3 months grace period was relaxed on the grounds that many equipment engineers may have been furloughed so it may be that some testing stations have gone even longer without having their equipment connected.  The grace period applied to any testing station which has changed ownership since 30 March 2020, or a closed MOT centre that is reopening (this applies regardless of how long it’s been closed).

From today, 1st March 2021 we have been advised that the DVSA will be stopping MOT stations who have either not met their obligations to have a connected  roller brake tester by this date or are not using the connected function.  This new directive from the DVSA will only be for those MOT stations who have repeatedly ignored multiple communications/warnings or have not confirmed their order status.

If you are uncertain about your current position in relation to connected equipment or require any guidance on how to get equipment connected, then please do not hesitate to contact us.  Either call 01670 516816 or email