All businesses are looking for new ways to encourage consumer confidence, boost client loyalty, and increase profitable business 'post-pandemic', and we have solutions to help garages do just that.

Imagine being able to give your customers a report like the one below which provides clear and detailed evidence of the condition of their vehicle tyres - a report that is produced in minutes and with very little effort!

T-scan, tyre tread scanner, tyre safety report, groove glove, tread depth check

Well, you could do this for as little as £17.74 +VAT per week*

Just one extra tyre or alignment sale a week would more than pay for this.

The above report can be produced by either a TreadSpec drive-over tyre tread scanner or a Groove Glove hand-held tyre tread scanner, both of which are available from Gott Technical Services.  When positioned in an entrance to a workshop the TreadSpec will automatically scan all four tyres as a vehicle is driven over it and the report is available to display or print within seconds.  Discussions can be held with your customers about their vehicle's tyre condition as soon as they reach your reception.

If you have multiple entrances to your workshop or want to carry out mobile scanning then the Groove Glove hand-held scanner is ideal.

Groove Glove, tyre tread scanner, tyre tread reader, tyre safety, road safety, tyre equipment

The Groove Glove is a quick and easy method of scanning tyres and boasts a number of features that set it apart from the competition:

  • Scanning is performed by an accurate and safe laser reader.
  • No moving parts - some other units use a rolling wheel which can become clogged with dirt and struggle to navigate more 'aggressive' off-road tyres.
  • An interactive LCD display shows immediately results of the scan in the palm of your hand (maximum wear) - no need to try and balance a tablet in your other hand to view the result like other models.
  • Scan vehicles from cars to multi-axle HGVs.
  • Camera licence plate recognition as evidence of the vehicle scanned.
  • Choose from a drop-down box, visual inspection information such as 'nail in tyre', 'cord showing', 'side wall damage' etc, and include these in the report.
  • Manually add extra information such as tyre age and size.
  • Stocked in the UK with full service and parts back-up.

Tyre Retailers -

  • Increase profits by increasing your tyre replacement sales.
  • Tyre condition can form part of your customer's check-in discussion at reception.
  • Provide your customers with an easy to understand report of their tyres condition and recommendations for wheel alignment and rotation.

Dealerships -

  • Boost wheel alignment sales by instantly identifying uneven tread wear.
  • Have a great easy to read report ready at the service reception on collection that will demonstrate to your customer the need for any tyre replacement, alignment or rotation.
  • It's not just about immediate sales - by handing your customer a printed report that shows their tyres are in good condition and safe is an added value service that helps build trust and sets you apart from the competition.

Fleet Operators -

  • Formalise vehicle safety checks and log all tyre related information such as wear, damage, age, and size in one comprehensive report.
  • Reduce tyre replacement and fuel efficiency costs by following the scan reports recommendations for wheel alignment and rotation.

If you would like more information about either the TreadSpec drive-over tyre scanner or Groove Glove hand-held tyre scanner, or to book a demonstration of the Groove Glove,  please call us on 01670 516816 or email

Alternatively, to view more details about the Groove Glove or buy it online please click here.

*£17.74 + VAT per week is an illustration of a typical fee if the Groove Glove is obtained on 5 years lease rental. Lease rental is offered subject to credit approval and rates may vary.  Lease rental is charged monthly.  The illustrative fee is based on the Groove Glove current offer price with two years' software licence included (reports are produced and stored in secure cloud-based software). After two years an annual licence fee is charged for this software which could alternatively be included in the lease rental at the start of the agreement.