Kwik Trak HGTSLA Truck Twin Steer Laser Gauges

The HGTSLA is a laser aligner that tracks multi-axle vehicles & trailers at a stroke.  It is quick, accurate, robust, built to last & very simple to use.

Like all QuickTrak laser aligners its simple but effective design allows accurate alignment in practically any environment.  Minimal moving parts, no wires, pin sharp laser images & rechargeable batteries all add up to one seriously versatile Truck Wheel Aligner.


  • Rechargeable battery operated thus eliminating wires.
  • Tried and tested 'hang on tyre' design.
  • Works on HGV/PSV and trailers with rim diameters between 17.5" and 22.5".
  • Designed for professional workshops and mobile applications.


  • Wall mounted brackets x 4.
  • Rear flags x 2.
  • Dished turnplates x 4 (heavy duty thickness).
  • Integrated chargers x 2.
  • Rim button extensions.
  • 12 months technical phone support.
  • Onsite training.
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty.