Fully Automatic Service station for R1234 YF A/C systems

  • Advanced features
  • User-friendly control board with large Icon Graphic Display
  • Automatic working cycle, no manual taps with high precision oil and dye injection
  • Controlled refrigerant charging precision and up to 95% recovery
  • Inclusive of flushing system for use on hybrid or electric cars
  • Ready to carry out a leak test under pressure with the use of nitrogen or nitrogen/hydrogen blends
  • Ready for internal Refrigerant Identifier as per SAE J 2843
  • Ready for A/C system diagnosis


Compressor 10cc
Ultimate Vaccum 0,2 Mbar / 20 Pa
Tank Capacity 12 Kg
Scale Accuracy ± 5 g
Heather Belt Yes
Air Purge Automatic
Oil Injection Automatic
Dye Injection Automatic
Display 240 x 64 LCD
Printer Yes
Database Yes
PC Data Transfer Yes
Hybrid Kit Yes
Power Supply 220V 50Hz
Dimensions 58x55x110 cm
Net/Gross Weight 60/70Kg