Technique MRPKITC MOT Ancillary Pack


The only MOT ancillary pack you will ever need!

This pack contains all the necessary tools, signs etc that you need for an MOT bay, and none of the things you don't.  Comprises:

  • MOT Notice Board
  • Wheel Chocks - Large, black, rubber.  Suitable for MOT Testing – Class IV & VII.  Size: L175 x W100 x H150mm.  Weight: 3.8Kg per pair
  • Hand Lamp - rechargeable
  • Gas Leak Detection Spray
  • 3 Triangles MOT Sign - Manufactured from die cut vinyl on a 10mm thick polymer panel and comes with a 5 year guarantee.  Size: 625 x 600mm
  • MOT Viewing Area Sign
  • Tapley Electronic Decelerometer - MTS connectable.  DVSA approved for all classes (Tapley EBM ref: EINCBD09863A1019110–)
  • Wheel Chocks Used Sign
  • Yellow Wax Marker Crayons - Pack of 12
  • Prostore MOT Tool Shadow Board with Tools - Comprises:
    • Prostore MOT Tool Shadow Board
    • MOT Hammer Corrosion Assessment Tool – DVSA approved 
    • Wire Brush – Steel, 4 row
    • MOT Lever Bar – Small
    • MOT Lever Bar – Large
    • Brake Pipe Corrosion Tool
    • Tape Measure – 5 metre (17ft), steel
    • Tyre Tread Depth Gauge
    • Tyre Pressure Gauge
    • 13 Pin Towbar Trailer Socket Tester – DVSA approved
    • Tyre Tread Width Gauge – Triangle only
    • Windscreen Damage Template
    • Silver Pen for Tyre Marking