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Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance of Garage Equipment

We specialise in providing garage equipment maintenance services to suit a wide range of equipment. Reliance on garage equipment to generate revenue, and increased health & safety legislation mean that more and more managers are realising the benefits of planned preventative maintenance packages. The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) state that regular maintenance should be carried out and most garage equipment is covered by the PUWER regulations.  Our garage equipment service plan packages are designed to suite new and old equipment alike.  Many people who have their equipment maintained often have up to six different companies servicing their equipment at a high cost and inconvenience. Our goal is to cover all of your equipment with one convenient, cost-effective package.

During the many years that our company has been in existence, supplying and maintaining garage workshop equipment, we have found that the quality of service provided in the market place has varied considerably depending on which company has been involved.  At Gott Technical Services we train our garage equipment engineers to carry out a prescribed list of extensive checks on equipment.  We believe in being thorough with this for health and safety reasons and to ensure, as far as possible, that future breakdowns on your garage equipment are kept to a minimum, thereby providing peace of mind.  We always endeavour to offer the lowest prices possible but we will not compromise on service quality.  It is our desire to provide a quality, value for money service to the highest level that will ensure customer confidence.