Technique T9001 Purifier

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Technique T9001 Purifier
Ozone generating purifier for cleansing and freshening vehicle & property interiors


The T9001 Purifier is a professional high capacity ozone generator(100mg/h) which, using strong oxidising power kills bacteria, moulds & mildews and neutralises all types
of odours including tobacco smoke and pet smells.  When used in a vehicle the Purifier will cleanse it by permeating the fabrics of the upholstery, seats, roof
linings and trim as well as the air circulation system.

It purifies within minutes and is an ideal solution for ensuring your customers' vehicles are returned fresh-smelling and clean, giving them extra confidence in the level of service you have provided.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic it has been more important than ever to consider the safety of your workforce and clients through the interactions they have with each other, and the risk of diseases that can be passed from person to person, and shared touching of surfaces.  The T9001 provides an increased level of reassurance that you have done the best you can to freshen up your customers' vehicles.

Benefits of the Purifier:

  • Simple & easy to operate
  • No need to separate any A/C components
  • Supplied with 12 Volt lighter adapter
  • No use of any chemicals
  • Removes odours such as: - Tobacco smoke, petrol smells, pet & other musty odours
  • Treatment while you wait
  • Excellent Profit generating investment

How does Ozone work?

Ozone is a molecule of three oxygen atoms bound together (O3), with negative electric charge. The ozone operates according to the principle of oxidisation. When the static loaded ozone molecule (O3) contacts with something “able to oxidise”, the charge of the ozone molecule will directly flow over. This is because ozone is very unstable and tends to turn back into its original form (O2).  Ozone can oxidise with all kinds of materials, but also with odours and micro-organisms like
viruses, moulds and bacteria. The extra oxygen atom releases from the ozone molecule and binds with the other material.  In the end, only the pure and stable oxygen molecule remains.

Please Note:

Although we have mentioned COVID-19, this is purely in reference to the heightened sense of awareness of the need for more regular and thorough cleansing practices since the 2020 pandemic occured.  We are in no way implying this purifier can kill the COVID-19 virus as this is not known to be the case.

There is a £15.00 + VAT delivery charge with this product.