EAE EE-MLH10D Motorcycle Lift

Hydraulic motorcycle lift.  With a maximum lifting capacity of 1000kg, lifting height of 1200mm and platform being as wide as 800mm, this lift is ideal for service and repair to various sizes of motorcycle.

  • Surface mounting
  • Built-in power unit
  • 24V handheld remote-control unit
  • Electrical release locking system.
  • Hydraulically protected against overloading
  • Standard manually operated wheel-clamping device. Adjustable width to
    fit the most types of tyres
  • Each side of the lifting platform has 4 slots for binding straps to ensure stability requirements in various working circumstances


  • Optional mobile kit for moving the lift conveniently
  • Optional width-extension platform for lifting ATVs, mowers, etc
  • Overload dynamic test with 115% of the rated load.