Rotary TL07E-EH2 Turf Lift

The TL07E, known as 'The Turf Lift', brings ease to groundcare machinery maintenance and is a must for those who value a safe and efficient working environment whilst keeping their ground care equipment in top condition.  This electro-hydraulic two post lift has been specifically designed to address productivity and health and safety issues associated with lifting and servicing awkward groundcare machinery.  It is used by golf clubs, resorts, and local authority parks departments where large areas of lawns and fairways need to be maintained.

Listen to what our customers have to say about this lift:

‘I have noticed an immediate benefit - being able to stand underneath our machines when doing routine servicing and repairs. Accessability of engine
and transmission components is greatly improved. This is a distinct advantage when tracing faults.’

‘Servicing and adjusting of fairway mowers and triple mowers has been halved!  I wish I had more space to fit in another lift as the technicians fight over it.’

It boasts a lifting capacity of up to 2.3 tonnes and has specially designed arms to enable the safe lifting of a wide range of machines including 3 and 4 wheel turf equipment. As with all of Rotary’s vehicle lifts, the TLO7E is electro-hydraulic in operation.

As a bonus, the TL07 can be easily adapted to take conventional cars and light commercial vehicles up to 4 tonnes in weight.

All Rotary two post lifts use a direct, twin ram lifting system which means that there are no ropes, chains or pulleys under load and very few moving parts. Clever column design ensures that the posts are extremely strong whilst their baseless configuration reduces trip hazards and allows free movement of other equipment or toolboxes under the vehicle.  Rotary’s two post lifts are legendary for their extremely long life and very low cost of ownership.