Groove Glove Tyre Tread Scanner

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Groove Glove Tyre Tread Scanner

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T-Spec Groove Glove tyre tread scanner


The Groove Glove is a high quality innovative method of measuring tyre tread wear and displaying proof to customers of the condition of their tyres.

  • Simple hand-held operation
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Very fast measurement - results available in seconds
  • Graphic representation of tyre wear, indication of maximum and minimum tread depth
  • Vehicle diagnosis - Uneven tyre tread wear indicates the need for wheel alignment adjustment and recommended rotation
  • Advanced software as used on the larger drive-over machines

Tyre tread readers are one of the most recent technological innovations to help workshops of all sizes generate additional revenue from a quick and simple to use process.  Use a hand-held tyre tread scanner in your workshop or even outside and it will automatically read the tyre treads of the vehicle, displaying results on a PC before the driver has even reached your reception! This means discussion about tyre condition can form part of the customer's check-in discussion at your service reception.