Groove Glove Tyre Tread Scanner

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The Groove Glove is a high quality innovative method of measuring tyre tread wear and displaying proof to customers of the condition of their tyres.

  • Simple hand-held operation
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Very fast measurement - results available in seconds
  • Graphic representation of tyre wear, indication of maximum and minimum tread depth
  • Vehicle diagnosis - Uneven tyre tread wear indicates the need for wheel alignment adjustment and recommended rotation
  • Advanced software as used on the larger drive-over machines
  • Software integration with Electronic Vehicle Health Check Systems (EVHC)*

Tyre tread readers are one of the most recent technological innovations to help workshops of all sizes generate additional revenue from a quick and simple to use process.  Use a hand-held tyre tread scanner in your workshop or even outside and it will automatically read the tyre treads of the vehicle, displaying results on a PC before the driver has even reached your reception! This means discussion about tyre condition can form part of the customer's check-in discussion at your service reception.

*Integration with EVHC is achievable with the Treadspec APIs.  Our API developers guide, schema and Json example are all available here  Various levels of integration are achievable but this is for the client and EVHC provider to determine.      

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