GYS U20226 POWERDUCTION 37LG With Universal 800 Trolley + Alloy Wheel Inductor


The POWERDUCTION 37LG provides instant and powerful heating to release, or simply heat, steel or aluminium. Light and portable, this device can also heat metallic parts continously for several minutes without interruption thanks to its water-cooling system.

The ideal tool for mechanical and maintenance work:

• Essential for releasing the steering linkage (wheel alignment).

• Removes glow plugs, seized-up wipers and spare wheel compartments.

• Releases seized up bolts. • Releases steering ball joints without damaging the bellows.

• Releases shaft drives seized up in the hub. • Removes automotive or HGV exhaust lines.

• Removes glued-on, steel or aluminium parts.


Technical Spec.

Kit comes with

  • 056992 37lg Machine,
  • Trolley,
  • cooling fluid
  • 2 inductors the 90 degree and Alloy wheel / straight end inductors


• High heating performance:
3,700 W of power that can be easily adjusted in 250 W increments. Directly heats up the heart of the metallic part at a depth of 6 mm.

This device is capable of heating steel until it is red hot (around 1,000°C):

• Secure and time saving:
Immediate, flameless heating in a specific area, allows work to be carried out close to cables, pipes or any other heat-sensitive part without having to be dismantled. 

Portable machine:
Used to reach difficult-to-reach areas. Supplied with a two meter inductor cable.