Hazard Area Cone & Chain System with Trolley

The Hazard Area Cone & Chain Trolley System was designed by Prosol to enable easy storage and deployment of Cones and Barrier Chain to denote workshop hazards.
Frequently used for highlighting danger zones such as Electric and Hybrid vehicles, open inspection pits, or spills. Easier to stack-and-store than traditional barrier chain posts and much more durable.

The cone with extender carries Plastic Barrier Chain at a height of 950mm and the kit comprises of:

  • 1 x Store & Deploy Trolley
  • 6 x 500mm Traffic Hazard Cones
  • 6 x Traffic Hazard Cone Extenders
  • 12.5 metres of Red and White Plastic Barrier Chain
  • 5 x Barrier Chain Connectors
  • 5 x “S” Hooks.