Technique T2210-PRO Automatic Tyre Changer

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Technique T2210-PRO Automatic Tyre Changer

Regular Price: £3,055.00

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Automatic tyre changer


The Technique T2210-PRO Fully automatic tyre changer will meet the highest  of demands from any operator.

The Tilt back extra high turret allows extra space for working on deeper wheels  up to a 17” width.

The side assist arm is supplied with three adaptor arms. Side bead breaker with adjustment for wider wheels.

  • Fully automatic tyre changer with high turret.
  • Extra rigid 4 jaw clamping table.
  • Adjustable side bead breaker.
  • Plastic inserts for rim protection.
  • Side assistance arm.
  • Auto tilt back arm.

Rotation Speed (rev/min)

7,3 6,5/13 (V) 0-16 (D)

Max Torque

1200 Nm

Recommended Air Supply

8 / 10 bar

Max Wheel Diameter

45”/1143 mm

Max Wheel Width

381 mm (15”)

Max Side Shovel Bead Loosener Opening

432 mm (17”)

Handles Wheels From

10”- 26”

Rotation Motor

1,5 Kw inv.+ 0,75kw motor

Bead Loosener Power (roller)

1200 kg (2645 lbs)

Bead Loosener Power (side shovel)

3600 kg (7900 lbs)

Noise Level