Technique T2410-BT 6CCD Bluetooth Wheel Aligner

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Technique T2410-BT 6CCD Bluetooth Wheel Aligner
Technique T2410-BT 6CCD Wheel Aligner


The Technique T2410 Wi-Fi Alignment system provides maximum mobility between different working positions thanks to the absence of cables and any fixed structure.

  • Infra-red transmission among measuring heads
  • Bluetooth transmission between front measuring heads and control unit
  • Steering procedure is carried out electronically, through theCCD sensors, so caster and king pin are measured with great precision
  • Spoiler Program is automatically activated to perform the measurements on sport and tuned car bodies through a simplified procedure

Easy Date - Easy Alignment

  • Data management and display program in WINDOWS environment
  • Data bank with more that 90.000 vehicle data sheets
  • Further data sheets can be added by the user
  • Customer data bank for recording 20.000 jobs with search by customer name or vehicle plate number