TreadSpec Drive Over Tyre Tread Reader

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£124.48 per week

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The tScan TreadSpec drive over tyre tread reader is an advanced solution for automatic scanning of tyre tread wear and indication of potential alignment issues.  Simply drive over the scanner when entering the workshop and a comprehensive tyre condition report will be displayed before the driver has even left the vehicle!

Tyre tread scanners are one of the most recent technological innovations to help garages and tyre retailers generate additional revenue , whilst also enabling fleet operators to reduce costs and keep track of tyre safety.  Laser scanning of tyre tread wear leads to the following benefits:

Tyre Retailers -

  • Increase profits by increasing your tyre replacement sales.
  • Tyre condition can form part of your customer's check-in discussion at reception.
  • Provide your customers with an easy to understand report of their tyres condition and recommendations for wheel alignment and rotation.

Dealerships -

  • Boost wheel alignment sales by instantly identifying uneven tread wear.
  • Have a great easy to read report ready at the service reception on collection that will demonstrate to your customer the need for any tyre replacement, alignment or rotation.
  • It's not just about immediate sales - by handing your customer a printed report that shows their tyres are in good condition and safe is an added value service that helps build trust and sets you apart from the competition.

Fleet Operators -

  • Formalise vehicle safety checks and log all tyre related information such as wear, damage, age, and size in one comprehensive report.
  • Reduce tyre replacement and fuel efficiency costs by following the scan reports recommendations for wheel alignment and rotation.

Features of the TreadSpec drive over tyre tread reader:

  • Large 2,525 x 2,590 footprint for maximum scanning area
  • Low drive over profile - only 70mm
  • Laser - Class 2
  • Maximum tyre width - 600mm
  • Measurement accuracy - 0.2mm
  • Vehicle speed - 10-15km/hr
  • ANPR licence plate recognition
  • Optical components recessed with drainage / debris capture channels
  • Can be recessed or surface mounted
  • Operates on single phase electrical supply



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