Worky Stand-alone exhaust extract system for DPF regeneration

This stand-alone vehicle exhaust fume extaraction system is ideal for carrying out DPF regeneration work.

Standard extraction systems are not designed to withstand the high temperatures created during the DPF regeneration process so damage to nozzles and hoses can be caused as a result.  The alternative of doing the work outside the workshop is not usually practical because it can be difficult to find the right environment and the necessary connection to a networked diagnostic system may not be possible.

Our system consists of the following:

  • WOR-GMS-AU150T5 mini-set with a 5m length, 150mm dia hose with heat resistance up to 500 degrees C, 1.5HP fan with wall bracket, nozzle with stand
  • WOR-GSI-1.5 On-off switch with thermic protection

Please note that this system will also require installation, the price of which is not included.