Since April 2022, HSE has become aware of another 4 cases of motor vehicle repair workers being crushed to death by an incorrectly supported vehicle.

HSE has issued a press release to highlight this important issue.

HSE's figures show that:

  • 21 workers in the motor vehicle repair industry have been killed in the 5 years to March 2022
  • More than half of these deaths (13) were caused when work took place under a vehicle that wasn’t properly supported.

The article gives essential guidance for mechanics and technicians on how to ensure a raised load is secure, and safe to work under. This guidance matches what we also communicate to our customers, particularly when we provide Lift Operator Instruction In Use toolbox talks. Like any process, when lifting and supporting a vehicle, it is important that the right tool or piece of equipment is selected for the job. And most importantly, the equipment must be properly maintained and used correctly.

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