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  1. DVSA Special Notice 01/23 - Important Information for MOT Testers

    We were sent a new important update from the DVSA yesterday. They have released a special notice. Within this special notice (section 2) is the following: 2. MOT guide 2.1 Decelerometer calibration. From 1 April 2023, all decelerometers must be calibrated at intervals not exceeding 1 year. This is a change from the current 2 year cycle. Decelerometer calibration certificates issued...
  2. Why Your Garage Should Go Paperless

    More and more garages are moving over to a paper free way of working. There’s so many reasons why this is happening and it could be a great move for you too! Initially, implementing a paperless system may seem like a large task. Especially when you have a system that is currently working well enough. However, there’s always room for...
  3. Happy New Year!

    2023 has started off at quite a pace for us with lots of equipment installations and new maintenance contract customers coming on board. It looks like this is going to be a very busy year. The good news is that the business is continuing to grow so we are adding to our team currently and will continue to do so...
  4. New Revenue Streams

    New Revenue Streams
    Gott Technical Services is seeing a dramatic increase in main dealers being interested in finding alternative revenue streams. There are many reasons for this, however, one major reason is being able to counter potential future losses of traditional service revenue due to the increase in the electric vehicle parc.

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