All MOT Authorised Examiners (AEs) should have received a statement from DVSA about a shortage of gas analyser calibration gas. In case you haven't seen this, relevant information can be read below.

There has been a production problem that BOC had on production/certification of MOT calibration gas. The Garage Equipment Association (GEA) has recently been given an update that this has now been resolved.

However, it will take some time to get supplies back to all field/UKAS calibration engineers and to get customers gas emission units calibrated. Based on this information, the DVSA have released the following statement.

Calibration Of Test Equipment

'MOT Authorised Examiners (AE) must ensure all MOT equipment calibration is up to date.

DVSA understand that there has been an issue with the availability of exhaust gas analyser calibration gas, and this may lead to a delay in making arrangements to calibrate this equipment.

We have been in touch with the gas supplier who have advised this has now been resolved and production has returned to usual levels, however, this needs to feed into local stocks across the UK.

If an AE is unable to have their exhaust gas analyser calibrated due to the non availability of calibration gas, testing may only continue provided:

*Test equipment is functioning normally and correctly


*they have documented evidence (such as an email from the calibration supplier) that they are unable to provide this service where possible, have a recalibration appointment date booked.

*Where any test equipment is not functioning correctly or is unsafe, irrespective of it's calibration status, testing must cease immediately.

*The exceptions outlined in the MOT testing guide, section B4, remain unchanged.

Note - This does not affect diesel smoke testers and the rules surrounding their calibration remain unchanged.

Note - Individual companies/engineers do not have the authority to give an MOT station a concession to continue MOT testing without the emission equipment in a working/calibrated condition. The above statement is a temporary situation and will not remain in place after this situation has been fully resolved.

Here at Gott Technical Services, we are keeping an eye on the situation and doing everything we can to try and maintain calibration service levels. We have adequate gas stocks at the moment but if we encounter an issue we will be sure to keep you informed.