If you operate an ATF facility, to maintain the standards expected across the industry you are expected to upgrade roller brake testing software ASAP. This will also mean that for some, equipment may need a higher level of investment to upgrade due to hardware changes, alongside the software update. Therefore DVSA have stated the deadline for this is 31st December 2025 to allow time for these updates to be carried out.

From 1 April 2024, if you need to buy a new roller brake tester because your current equipment has broken, your new roller brake tester must meet the new specification. This deadline only applies to anyone who needs to buy a new roller brake tester.  

Why are these upgrades important?

These upgrades allow for key annual test and road safety improvements which include: 

  • key updates to service brake efficiencies, including draw bar trailers
  • changes in the way we measure secondary brake performance
  • key programme changes which will prevent tyre damage
  • improved work flow to aid consistency of brake testing at test and preventative inspection 
  • the inclusion of advisory items, to better support wider preventative maintenance of vehicles/trailers and road safety

Need to upgrade your equipment?

Whether it is to meet the objectives described above for an ATF facility, or for your own in-house testing, we will have a machine to suit your requirements.

We are distributors and calibration agents for the following commercial vehicle brake testers:

Technique – with a 16 tonne axle load, axle weighing facility, printer, and a sub- £30,000.00 price tag, this is our entry level machine.  Please note this machine does not run DVSA software and is not approved for use in an ATF facility.

BM Autoteknik – the market leader in brake testing technology, with highly customisable packages and axle load capacities to suit various budgets and applications, including ATF facilities.  More expensive than the Technique with prices from £37,000.00 upwards, but with roller beds designed to fit into many older recesses.  Ideal when replacing an old machine and wanting to avoid costly and troublesome civil works.

Ryme – The new kids on the block as far as the UK goes, but with a long pedigree world-wide.  Currently wow-ing visitors at trade shows with the excellent build quality of their roller beds.  No messing about, it only comes with a  20 tonne capacity axle load and is complete with DVSA software and ATF approval for £36,500.00.

We also supply commercial vehicle headlamp testers, wheel play detectors, pit jacks and emissions analysers.