GYS Super Pro EV Charger

The perfect solution for garages and workshops to charge electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Move the charger to the car not the car to the charger! The GYS Superpro EV charger is a flexible and cost-effective charging solution for all garages and workshops, especially where three-phase power is available.

Since there are always sockets in a garage/workshop you will only ever need one Super Pro EV Charger for all the possible outlets.

The charger comes with two interchangeable cables to allow you to charge as fast as possible with any socket available: 230V single-phase or 400V or three-phase. Suitable for all 6.3 million electric vehicles sold worldwide. 

Avoid costly installations that require the vehicle to be moved to a charging point. Instead, simply plug the SUPER PRO EV CHARGER into any existing and convenient power supply, and charge your electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle.

This item will be available any day now! Get in touch to pre-order and be the first to own this fantastic piece of kit!

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