Let's be honest, not all garages/workshops are built to accommodate colder weather for those working there. Often having no way of keeping in heat and having to work with it all opened up to outside. This can make for some challenging work conditions for engineers and alike. And let's not forget those poor souls who have to work outdoors providing mobile services and roadside assistance!

Firstly the industry relies on people who are good with their hands and having frozen numb hands can become a problem after hours of working in the cold. Being cold can also slow down productivity and also cause people to be in a much less positive mood. Let's not forget the frozen cold toes too whilst being on their feet for many hours.

Although maybe not revolutionary, there are things you can do to help when working in cold conditions. Things that will allow for a more positive working experience and environment. That will allow people to work to the best of their ability.

1. Layers! - Bit of an obvious one, wrap up and wear extra layers. Remember you can always remove a layer if needed. The key is wearing layers that aren't skin tight. This will allow a layer of air to be trapped in between to provide extra warmth! Also make sure to wear plenty of socks!

2. Wear 100% cotton - Wearing cotton as a base layer including your socks will help with any sweating. Certain man made fibres will leave you feeling damp whereas cotton won't.

3. Heat packs - If you can't wear gloves then buy hand warmers. Keep them in pockets to hold in between working. You can also get them to go in your shoes too!

4. Hot drinks/hot food - start packing warm foods to take to work in thermal storage containers. Bring extra snacks and drinks too!

5. Rotate - If possible, take turns in different areas of the workshop. So those who are working in the coldest areas can warm up for a bit.

6. Keep moving - try not to spend long sitting still. Keep the blood circulating around the body and make sure to take plenty of breaks and move those fingers and toes!

7. Skincare - the cold conditions can be so harsh on the skin. Not only your hands but your face and of course no one likes sore cracked lips. Key essentials are hand cream, lip balm and face cream. Why suffer when you can help and even prevent dry sore skin! Also dry, cracked and sore hands can lead to infections when hands get dirty.

8. Heat! Probably one of the most obvious ones..get some heaters plugged in/installed in the workshop.

All of the above can make a huge difference with how comfortable you are whilst working in the colder months. Being prepared is key and will mean you can carry on with work to the best of your ability.