Did you know that air-less tyres have actually been around for quite a while now? Michelin has been developing them since 2005! You won't however, have seen them around as they have not been fitted to regular road cars....yet.

According to Michelin and GM this will all change in 2024! They aim to introduce a version of their ‘UPTIS’ tyre (unique puncture-proof tyre system) to replace regular air filled tyres.

Naturally there has been a lot of talks about how effective the new tyres will be. They could, however, be game changing for motorists in so many ways! To start with, the risk of punctures and blow outs would be completely eliminated. It will also eradicate the issue of over/under inflating a tyre and the wear and damage this causes. No more flat tyres is a great thing, right?

According to Michelin the UPTIS tyre, which is made from composite rubber and resin-embedded fibreglass, can “bear a car’s weight at road-going speeds. This is all thanks to the material and structure improvements. Previous air-less tyres that surfaced prior to UPTIS were unable to do this.

The UPTIS structure is designed to maintain the right “pressure”, which has benefits for both tyre performance and wear. It also helps with fuel economy which is obviously great news for all. Car maintenance will become even easier since, motorists will no longer have to check tyre pressures and therefore, will no longer run the risk of being stranded at the side of the road with a puncture. In regards to car manufacturers, they won't have to include a spare wheel, or a jack and there’s no need to have tyre pressure-monitoring systems. This will save a lot of weight in the vehicle!

UPTIS enhances efficiency for fleet owners by reducing the risks of vehicle downtime and eliminating tyre-related maintenance needs (pressure checks and tyre inflation), not only saving time but also money and your sanity!

Leading up to the Tyres being more widely available, garages may want to think about how they can become 'air-less tyre experts'. Customers will be looking for garages who specialise in this and you could get in there first! This could be a great boost for business and a great way to bring in new customers.

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