Maintaining your Vehicle Lift

Rules & Regulations

So, you have purchased a CE marked lift and have had it installed correctly… however, because the lift is to be used in the workplace, the garage proprietor will also be required to meet two UK Regulations, known as the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulation (LOLER) and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER). LOLER calls for a thorough examination of work equipment and PIWER mandates regular maintenance of that equipment.

So before using the vehicle lift for the first time, it’s the garage owner/employer’s responsibility to make sure that the vehicle lift has undergone a thorough examination by a competent person. This check that the installation of the lift is satisfactory and is safe to use… it’s similar to having a registered gas fitter check out your cooker or heating system before you use it.

Once in use LOLER also states that the lift must be periodically thoroughly examined and POWER states that it should also be maintained proper. Detailed guidance on maintenance is provided in BS 7980:2003, however we have provided a simpler guide.

Maintenance & Inspection Guide

Daily Inspection

Technicians using the lift for the first time that day should inspect any chains and wire ropes for damage and lack of adjustment, hydraulic equipment and hoses for leaks, support pads for wear and arm locking systems for correct operation. Only if all check are tolerable should the lift be used.

Monthly Inspections (Advisory BS7980)

On a monthly basis the operator or agent should check that all ropes, chains, rollers and carriage pins are lubricated, all floor anchor bolts are checked for tightness and screw and nut lubrication systems are topped up with the correct lubricant.

Six Monthly Maintenance Inspections

A full service of the vehicle lift by a competent person every six months is advised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), BS7980 and the GEA.

Twelve Monthly Maintenance Inspections

A full annual service of the vehicle lift by a competent person is compulsory under PUWER Reg.5.

Period Thorough Examination

Please remember a period thorough examination of the lift by a competent person is compulsory (See LOLER reg.9 for full details).

Important note: Thorough Examinations do not replace the need to service and maintain the lift – just as a vehicle passing its MOT does not replace the need for regular servicing. 


Next month we will be looking at the training required before operating a vehicle lift…

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